What We're Reading: Banking, Investing, Agriculture and the Future

  1. Speaking after winning Ghana’s 2018 National Farmer award, James Obeng Boateng identified three primary impediments to agricultural sector growth: (1) access to finance, (2) market access and (3) irrigation facilities. These are investment themes and political leitmotifs as well. Particularly as the country is moving toward 2020 general elections. Come December 2020, the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration will be expected to point to successes under its “one village, one dam” 2016 manifesto pledge.

  2. Also, in Ghana, there is a last-minute rush at First Atlantic, Energy Commercial Bank, Omni Bank and others to meet new minimum capital requirements by 31 December. Given the number of successive challenges to confidence in the banking system, a lot rides on the actions and communication strategy of the Bank of Ghana in the coming weeks.

  3. Comments from Development Partner International CEO, Runa Alam about what to expect in 2019 with investment opportunities including FMCG and education in part to be driven by an improved macro environment in a number of African markets