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Pillars of Expertise

Sovereign Intelligence

‘Macro’ developments shape the investment climate facing our clients. Songhai provides detailed forward-looking analysis covering the countries where we are resident. Periodic or ad-hoc analysis requested by our clients helps them understand how current or anticipated market conditions, local sensitivities, legislation, policy, security, economy, politics or personalities could impact their interests.

Corporate Intelligence

Internal policies, industry standards and anti-bribery legislation (UK and US especially) demand clients understand ownership, reputation, control structure, political exposure and operational landscape of local business partners in detail. We are able to engage with relevant actors from among our broad networks discretely and to access available public records for in-depth insight, flagging up any issues which could compromise integrity or reputation.

Leadership Intelligence

Success in business rests on individuals, their skills, character and ‘fit’ with external factors. We are able to help clients screen potential hires, identify senior talent from within our broad networks on the ground and within the Diaspora community, and better understand relevant stakeholders, institutions and culture.


“The insight provided was excellent and truly invaluable to our work”

Tristan Jervis  |  Russel Reynolds Associates

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How We Work


We’re focus solely on Sub-Saharan Africa, operating across 18 core countries in West, Central and East Africa, and agnostic on sector. Our ambition is to facilitate transformative, ethical and sustainable investment in the region.

Sovereign Intelligence Case Study

  • Client: Global universal bank with diverse on-going interests in one of our countries concerned about risks surrounding its clients on the ground following an election.

  • Our approach: Use a combination of in-house expertise and access to relevant stakeholders e.g. political party figures, central bank officials and senior executives from local banks to provide actionable and forward looking analysis through in report and presentation format.

  • Outcome: Our analysis assisted the client’s diverse staff to appreciate the scenarios governing their respective areas of business. Issues underlined in the report included descriptions of the incoming government, likely priorities, importance of the electoral dispute and possible outcomes. Attention was also paid to the banking sector and challenges posed by financial delinquency of certain state-owned institutions and the incomplete implementation of AML/CFT best practice.

  • Timeframe: 4 weeks

Corporate Intelligence Case Study

  • Client: Investor considering equity/debt investment and seeking comfort around beneficial ownership, links with politically exposed persons; and also the stance of the government vis-à-vis the sector in general and this company in particular.

  • Our approach: Access to public records, local language open source information, human sources on top of existing local knowledge and networks to identify characterstics of the subject firm and principals.

  • Outcome: The client was made aware that politically exposed persons held a minority stake in the company and had demonstrated managerial influence e.g. hiring policy.

  • Timeframe: 5 weeks

Leadership Intelligence Case Study

  • Client: Industrial and natural resources practice of global executive search firm seeking to fill board level positions for a client firm.

  • Our approach: Profile ideal candidates for the positions in question, conduct open source research, research team member networks locally and in Diaspora in order to present a list of potential candidates. Subsequent human intelligence and litigation checks on short-listed candidates.

  • Outcome: The client ultimately selected the appropriate candidate for the position from among the list of potential candidates we had screened.

  • Timeframe: 5 weeks


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